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Babies Business + Breakfast Parent-Friendly Professional Development Events

Invest in yourself alongside your kids.

Our in-person and online events are designed to be a safe, accessible and inspiring experience where you can:

🌎 MEET like-minded community members (and their families…IRL and online!)

💡 ASK your personal questions (in between answering your child’s 100th question of the morning)

📆 PROGRESS your professional goals (without sacrificing yours or your family’s needs)

📝 LEARN from industry experts (in a judgement-free zone, without having to leave the room to feed or look after your little ones)

🔍 EXPLORE mixing babies and business (and decide what flexible work looks like for you)

Parent-friendly networking.

Everything we do is designed with yours and your family’s needs at the top of the priority list. Not as an afterthought!

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Join our movement. Bring your kids.

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